The Calmbirth® techniques used are scientifically-backed, have been used and tested over the years and incorporate effective breathwork techniques.  They can be added instantly into your life, giving you a sense of calm and enabling you to relax into labour.

The Calmbreath is a system of breathing techniques that immediately affect the way you respond to sensations and emotions within the body.  They give you a sense of connection, clarity and calm.  By spending time with Mel attending a Calmbirth workshop you will discover ways to reduce stress, anxiety, and feel a connection with your baby and your partner.

Why Calmbirth?

This program has been shown to help reduce symptoms that are associated with stress, anxiety and fear related to labour and birth, it also takes in conscious parenting to help with the transition into becoming a parent.

It is just not the biological chemistry of the breathwork used in Calmbirth, the powerful breathing techniques and visualisations taught is the quickest way to change your state of being and have the capacity to make decisions if under pressure.

With the breath being a free and easily accessed tool that everyone can use it connects us to our surroundings, the decisions we make and brings people together when welcoming in their baby.  It slows, calms and gives clarity.


Results from a comprehensive research study being undertaken by Dr Jane Svensson, the Clinical Midwifery Consultant Health Education at the Royal Hospital for Women, due to be published in two medical journals, shows that the Calmbirth® Childbirth Education program significantly:

  • reduces the rate of medical interventions during childbirth
  • reduces the use of pharmacological pain relief in labour including epidurals
  • enriches their birth experience as one that is positive, irrespective of how they birth
  • reduces the impact of perinatal anxiety which may then have a protective effect postnatal adjustment, and potentially depression, after birth.


All Calmbirth classes are held face to face in the clinic located in Balmain, Sydney.  It can be a weekend away for those from out of town before your baby arrives.  The classes are small, so everyone gets heard and looked after. They are held over one weekend, cob=vering both Saturday and Sunday, starting at 9.30 am and finishing at 5.30 pm.

Some choose to do a Private Calmbirth class, and for those that would like a Refresher class as a follow up from their previous course, this is easy to book with an email or call.

We also offer a follow-up session for all Calmbirth attendees as a zoom session or face to face, closer to your expected due date, so you feel further relaxed and prepared.

It is a time to reconnect with any questions, positions, breathwork, and acupressure learnt in the workshop.

In the main class, we cater for all dietary requirements and offer freshly baked goods and organic refreshments, the joys of having a restauranter as a husband and fabulous cook.  All teas and coffee are available, along with filtered water.



  • The mindbody connection and the influence of labour & birth
  • The Physiology of labour & birth
  • Conscious Breathing
  • Creative Visualisation Techniques
  • Labour Toolbox
  • Preparing for all possibilities
  • Baby after Birth
  • Conscious Parenting
  • Acupressure for Labour & Birth



The Calmbirth classes are held over two days, Saturday & Sunday, on the same weekend.

The price includes your partner/support person also. When booking, even though it only shows the Saturday, it also includes the Sunday as part of your booking, you don’t need to book both days, and it automatically books you for both.

The workshop starts at 9.30 am and finishes at 5.30 pm.
The group has up to 9 couples attending a full class.

Both morning and afternoon tea are catered for, with dietary requirements considered. The food is made by Mel’s husband, Andy Webb, who owned a Cafe Morso for 15 years.

Your booking includes your Calmbirth relaxations, Calmbirth book, acupressure booklet and goodie bag.

Please get back in touch via email if you have any further questions.

Warm smiles Mel

Get In Touch

Private Calmbirth® Class

Classes held in person, on a date to be discussed. Ask us for availability.


Group Calmbirth® Class

Group classes are held fortnightly, in person, and over the weekend.

The maximum group size is 9 couples.


Read our Calmbirth



Simply work out if you want to attend a Group or Private workshop.

Please send us an enquiry below for a private face-to-face class.

For  a group class, click on the green ‘‘Select’’ link  below for the following;


This will take you into the calendar and tentatively place a booking. After that, a deposit or full payment is required to secure your booking.

There are many dates to select from; however, if there is nothing that suits you or you have further questions, please get in touch so we can help you. Additionally, you can combine your Calmbirth class with an acupuncture package that aids with relaxing into labour; acupuncture has been proven to shorten labour times and combining that with the Calmbirth breathing, it works magically.

Discounted ‘‘Care Plans’’ are available in the website’s Shop section.


  • Decide on either a Group or a Private Calmbirth class
  • If Group, check out the tab below or go the book now button anywhere on this website and look for –> Group Sessions –> Calmbirth
  • If Private, send us an enquiry below with your due date and any other details you can share
  • Consider adding a labour preparation care package to your calmbirth workshop


Melinda is better known as ‘Mel’ and has been working in birth and women’s health since 2008. 

She currently practices as a Dr Chinese medicine, teaches Buteyko Breathwork, is a Mental Health Counsellor and works as a Doula from her clinic in Balmain.  


She also educates the Calmbirth practitioners on Acupressure for Labour and Birth. 

Melinda has experience within all the hospitals around Sydney, whether it’s attending births as a Doula or working as an acupuncturist to help with labour and birth.  You will learn how a Doula works which fits beautifully with the Calmbirth® program, learning lots of extra tools and techniques.  


During the time Melinda has been working in the field of women’s health she has spent time studying, writing and speaking.  And now also presents Buteyko Breathwork as an additional class for those with breathing difficulties like sleep apnea, asthma and general ill-health.   


Reach out to Melinda below and she will be in touch. 


T & C’s

Cancellation of Your Class

A $550 payment will be refunded for course booking cancellations, which occur at least 4 weeks before the course date. If the booking is cancelled within 4 weeks of the course date, this same amount will be reimbursed if the withdrawn place is filled before the due date. Melinda will make all efforts to find a replacement couple to fill the cancelled place. The balance withheld covers credit card, bank and administration charges of $50 are incurred with the cancellation and re-advertising of the couple’s place in the course. The reimbursed fee will be refunded to the designated bank account of the client. Please take every care to attend the class when you are booked.

We respect difficult circumstances and will extend kindness and assistance wherever possible to enable you to attend. We do NOT offer refunds for change of mind.