Labour Preparation Package


This 7 Treatment Acupuncture Package is all about helping you prepare for the birth of your baby. 

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This Acupuncture Labour Preparation Package (Suit matching with a Group or Private Calmbirth®)

This 7 treatment Acupuncture care package is all about helping you prepare for the birth of your baby.

The Package offers treatment sessions as follows: 

  • 1 treatment in week 36 (initial 1 hour treatment)
  • 1 treatment in week 37 
  • 2 treatments week 38
  • 2 treatments, week 39
  • 1 treatment week 40

The package price is $774.00, discounted from our non-package pricing of $930) Health rebates are available.

Treatment sessions help optimise the baby’s position, prepare the cervix, and help facilitate cervical dilation, aiding the uterus to start contracting.

Treatments can also help reduce any pain or discomfort that you feel through pregnancy and promote good quality sleep, reduce stress, and allow you to relax into labour. Your first consult at 34 weeks is a general intake session, taking in your medical history and birth preferences. 

Also ideal for those couples where the baby is confirmed to be in a posterior or breech position with ultrasound,

Aside from the main treatments aimed to help with preparing the cervix and helping facilitate cervical dilation, allowing the uterus to start contracting, a focus in the early weeks will be the use of both acupuncture and moxa to help the baby move into the ideal position. After getting the baby in the correct place, treatments will focus on maintaining and optimising the baby’s position.