Make acupuncture or breathwork part of your monthly ritual.  Select from one of our packages and enjoy an acupuncture treatment or breathwork session once or twice a month.  You can combine the two and have acupuncture along with breathwork. 

We also provide pregnancy care packages specific to your pregnancy needs. 

Care In The First Trimester Package

LENGTH: 10 clinic treatment sessions, weekly, First at 1 hour, then 45 minutes each


Receiving care in the first trimester of pregnancy is beneficial for both mother and baby.

This plan will help to reduce nausea, vomiting, tiredness, stress and anxiety and also help with preventing miscarriage. 

COST: $1026 or 10% off our non-packaged cost of $1140)

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Care In The 2nd & 3rd Trimester Package

LENGTH: 7 clinic treatments, monthly, First at 1 hour, then 45 minutes each


As your baby develops, your body changes. These changes can put pressure on ligaments and postural issues can occur. During this time, we typically help to relieve symptoms associated with carpal tunnel, back and leg pain, sacroiliac pain, oedema, fatigue, constipation, heartburn, anemia, anxiety and depression, skin issues and varicose veins. 

COST: $729  or 10% off our non-packaged cost of $850)

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Labour Preparation Package (Suit matching with a Group or Private Calmbirth® Workshop)

LENGTH: The plan offers 7 treatments: First at 1 Hour, followed up with 45-minute sessions



1 treatment in week 36 (initial treatment)
1 treatment in week 37
2 treatments week 38
2 treatments week 39
1 treatment week 40


This Care Plan is all about helping you prepare for the birth of your baby. Treatments may help with optimising the baby’s position, preparing the cervix, allowing the uterus to start contracting. Treatments may also help reduce any pain or discomfort that you feel through pregnancy and help promote good quality sleep, reduce stress, and relax into labour. Your first consult at 36 weeks is a general intake session, taking in your medical history and birth preferences. 

Any treatments not taken up in this period will be allocated for postnatal care. 

COST: $729 or 10% off our non-packaged cost of $850)

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Breech or Posterior Position Labour Preparation Care Package

LENGTH: The plan offers 7 treatments:

  • 1 treatment in week 34 
  • 1 treatment each week from 35 – 40 weeks


If baby is confirmed to be in a posterior or breech position with an ultrasound, an addition of 2 treatments, (that’s one extra in week 34, and one additional in week 35 ) is combined with a 6 treatment adaptation of the Labour Preparation Plan. (above)

Aside from the main treatments  aimed to help with preparing the cervix and helping facilitate cervical dilation, allowing the uterus to start contracting, a focus in the early weeks will be the use of both acupuncture and moxa to help the baby move into the ideal position. After success in getting baby in the correct position, treatments will focus on maintaining and optimizing the baby’s position.

COST: $729  or 10% off our non-packaged cost of $850)

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Acupuncture and Breathwork Combined Care Package

LENGTH: The Plan offers 7 treatments:

  • Plan Treatments weekly or more often depending on your schedule


This care package is for those wishing to plan their treatments in advance and book and pay for a discounted rate.

COST: $729 –10% off our non-packaged cost of $850

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Postnatal Care Package (‘The 4th Trimester’) The Golden Month

LENGTH: The plan is for 6 treatments:

  • Scheduled to suit your needs once home and settled


This is a great gift to give a new mother. The plan is the nurturing package, helping to support your recovery after birth and the transition to parenthood. Treatments focus on sleep, hormonal changes post-birth. The aim is to rebalance your body and help you recharge both physically and emotionally. In Traditional Chinese medicine, we call this the ‘Golden Month’ or fourth trimester. Acupuncture helps with postnatal depletion, from blood loss, exhaustion from lack of sleep, breastfeeding and strain from lifestyle changes. Postpartum treatments may help with: 

Package  6 treatments 

  • Lactation support 
  • Mastitis 
  • Postural complaints 
  • Lack of sleep 
  • Fatigue 
  • Anxiety or depression 
  • Rebalancing hormones 
  • Carpal tunnel 
  • Healing of caesarean scars 
  • General health & wellbeing 

COST: $630 for 6 treatments (10% off our non-package cost of $700)

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