Johanna Keyes.

Massage Therapist

Johanna is a massage therapist specialising in pregnancy and infant massage, helping mums and babies enjoy the benefits of soothing therapeutic techniques. Massage is a gentle, effective way to relieve pregnancy-related aches and assist infants’ physical and mental development.

Johanna uses a combination of remedial and sports massage techniques to relieve symptoms caused by injury, tension and incorrect posture. As a runner, she understands the importance of keeping muscles and joints moving freely for improved performance.

Johanna’s treatments include:

Pregnancy and infant massage
Remedial and sports massage
Myofascial trigger point release
Deep tissue massage

Johanna offers private health rebates.


Andreina Innocenti



Andreina is a movement nerd and a pregnancy and birth lover. After experiencing two very empowering home births that transformed her completely, she knew that she had to do something to help shift the birth paradigm and support families to experience that. Here is where her passion for movement and her obsession to prove that the body is an amazing, clever and resilient thing merge, and she focused on learning more from experts about how movement can

help pregnancy, birth and recovery. She is talking knowledge beyond the basics of do’s and don’ts in pregnancy.

We know that a balanced body that moves well will perform well, but it will also help with uterus alignment, balanced ligaments and muscles, Pelvic floor response, core support, space for the baby to navigate. A free pelvis that allows the Sacrum to move creates space in the inlet, mid pelvis and outlet. A supple pelvic floor that yields and much more (seriously, I could be talking about this for ages). Not just this, Breathing and psoas love will help to calm the nervous system, and a fascia movement approach will help to untangle many things. Wouldn’t it be amazing to nail all these things before birth? For the pregnant person to tune and trust their bodies before birth happens?Andreina’s pilates session approach is adaptable to the pregnant person’s needs and personality. It aligns what they want to serve them better through education while working in conjunction with their birthing team. We all know that most of us will need to do less and be more mindful of allowing the softness to make us stronger, and yes, pregnant people having caesareans also need this work for many reasons.